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The Process

Mediation is a private and confidential venue where people meet with a professional mediator to work towards resolving a problem or dispute.

A professional mediator is someone who is comfortable working with people caught in the uncertainty of conflict.

Greg is able to help parties enter into a dialogue that is robust and constructive, and which often leads to the creation of a variety of options for resolution.

The process of mediation can help parties step back from the frustration of being stuck and can open the door for something new. This “new” is something that is unique to each situation and often more creative and lasting than anything imposed by a judge or court.

The mediator provides an opportunity for all parties to engage in a risk minimisation exercise. It is only at the end of this process, when the parties have spent some time with each other and where options and alternatives are laid out on the table, that a true assessment of the risks can be made and alternative resolutions considered.

Mediation is a non-adversarial process. However, it does not restrict expressions of feelings about what led to the impasse nor does it restrict challanging communication.

Greg is happy to work with each party’s lawyers or accountants so as to maximise the range of options available. The process is confidential and can be organised very quickly.

He is happy to discuss the process and the options available prior to any commitment to go ahead with a mediation.