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Creative Alliances

Moving Beyond Fault and Blame in the Age of Complexity and Change.

  • Commerce and industry are becoming more connected and complex while at the same time becoming more automated.
  • In response corporations are increasingly outsourcing innovation to smaller more nimble, risk tolerant businesses through acquisition and creative alliances.
  • The challenge for these alliances is to build collaborative teams without succumbing to groupthink which can often create a no challenge culture.
  • The goal is to create a culture of challenge and risk-taking that can allow multiple options and possibilities to remain open.
  • Conflict and disagreements are part of this creative processes and need to be creatively nurtured. Constructive disagreement is the mother of diversity and innovation.
  • Creating a rigid management structure results in informal networks that go underground. These underground networks tend to disguise failure so as to make the system appear to work. It leads to no risk/do nothing behaviours.
  • Creative alliances have to have in place adaptive systems to deal with the complex and unpredictable environment.
  • This requires managing the networks between people through real time feedback systems and self enforcing collaborative strategies.