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Greg Rooney

Greg is an independent mediation practitioner, arbitrator and dispute resolution consultant practising nationally in Australia.

Greg specialises in the following areas of practice:


Greg specialises in mediating in the early stages of conflict and disputes. He has 24 years experience as a mediator. Read more >

Risk-Taking and Innovation

Risk taking feeds innovation. Fluid management and mediation skills and a culture of trust underpin a no blame risk taking culture. Read more >

Creative Alliances

Facilitating real time feedback systems and self enforcing collaborative strategies for organisations. Read more >

Mediation Training, Workshops and Retreats

Focusing on enhancing the fluid skills need to mediate in a complex management and dispute resolution environment. Read more >
Greg travels regularly within Australia and internationally to advise on conflict management options, provide mediation workshops and to mediate a broad range of disputes. Click the button below for a Resume of Greg’s mediation appointments to date.
Please browse the links above for more on Greg’s services, including his approach to the mediation session, teaching soft mediation and negotiation skills, facilitating creative alliances and view his published papers. Click the button below for a Resume of courses which Greg has developed and presented.

Mediation Retreat in Tuscany, Italy.  15-22 June 2019

“Shifting the Focus from Mediating the Problem to Mediating the Moment”

“I really found the workshop to be greatly beneficial although the approach to teaching was different to what I expected. It was a wonderful inclusive experience.”
Nerida Child Dimasi, Doha, Qatar.  2015 Retreat

“The Tuscany Retreat is more content driven than your advertisement suggests. It is probing, thoughtful, enriching, and forces reflective thought on all aspects of tangible and intangible Mediator skills.”
Sandra Clemons M A Tampa Florida, USA. 2016 Retreat.

“An outstanding, interactive retreat. The variety of activities offered to the participants are varied and eclipse those that are offered in most other trainings”. Dr Peter Maida Washington DC USA, 2017 Retreat