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The commercial value of mediation to the new economy

Published in the Law Institute Journal of Victoria (Australia) September 2019

Feature_LIJ_Value of Mediation Vic 09Rooney



Mediation - Mediator -Mediation

Mediation has an identity issue – but it’s not its fault.

For the legal community in general and the ‘dispute resolvers’ in particular, the answer to restoring value for the legal product in the new economy is not to push aside or try to diminish the traditional mediation movement but to embrace it, and welcome it as the path to acquire the necessary soft skills to constructively engage with the fluidity, ambiguity and complexity of the new age.

Mediation Mediator Mediation Greg Rooney



Applying Cynefin Complexity Theory to Mediation - Challenging the Retired Judge Command and Control Mediation Model

Available at mediate.com at:    http://mediate.com/articles/rooneyg5.cfm

Also available on SSRN at:       papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2835792

Challenging the retired Judge command and control mediation model – Applying Cynefin Complexity theory

Application à la médiation de la théorie de la complexité du cadre Cynefin

Click on this icon to download paper:  french-translation-applying-cynefin-complexity-theory-to-mediation

French Translation of the paper: Applying Cynefin Complexity Theory to Mediation – Challenging the Retired Judge Command and Control Mediation Model



The Rise of Commercial Mediation In Australia

The Rise of Commercial Mediation in Australia.  Its Growth and Challengers

The Journal of Mediation & Applied Conflict Analysis

Volume 3, 2016 , Issue 2, pages 99-122

Edward M Kennedy Institute, Maynooth University,  National University of Ireland



The Australian Experience of Legislated Pre-Action ADR Requirments

greg-rooney-commercial-mediation-in-australia-its-growth-and-challangesPresented at the 6th Symposium of the Institut de mediation et d’arbitrage du Qebec, Montreal on 4 November 2015

Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2695269

Shifting the Focus from Mediating the Problem to Mediating the Moment - Moving Beyond 'Getting to Yes' and 'The Promise of Mediation'

Mediating the Moment – Rooney and Ross

Authors: Greg Rooney and Margaret Ross – 1 September, 2012

Presented at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference at the Supreme Court of Singapore on the 5 October 2012.

Latest version available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2140220

Also published in the Law Society of Singapore Law Gazette, January 2013 P 24

Mediating the Effects of Sexual and Physical Abuse Within Religious Institutions

Published in:   Conflict Management in the Family Field and in Other Close Relationships. Mediation as a Way Forward. 2011  DJØF Publishing,  Chapter 7, p. 109 -124:

The Use of Intuition in Mediation

Conflict Resolution Quarterly, Vol. 25, Number 2, Winter 2007

This paper was first presented at the 5th Australian National Mediation Conference, Brisbane on 18 May 2000

Mediation and the Rise of Relationship Contracting - A Decade of Change for Lawyers

Published in the following Australian Law Journals:

Law Society of South Australian Bulletin, Vol. 24, Number 7, August 2002

Law Institute Journal, Victoria, Vol. 76, Number 10, November 2002

Proctor, Queensland Law Journal, Vol. 22, Number 6, July 2002

The Role of the Profound Apology in Abuse Redress Schemes

Download the paper by clicking the following link

mediate.com – The role of the profound apology


Les excuses prononcees par une institution dans un contexte d'abus sexuels ou physiques (The Profound Apology)

Download at:

A translation into French of the paper “The Profound Apology” Les excuses prononcées Greg Rooney

Brexit, Trump and the Nash Trap. A Loss of Trust

Brexit Trump and the Nash Trap. A Loss of Trust

First published in Mediate.com in July 2016. Updated in April 2017

Spanish Translation of the paper " Shifting the focus from Mediating the Problem to Mediating the Moment" Un cambio de foco de mediar el problema a mediar el momento. Uso de la Intuition

Spanish Citation: Rooney, G  Ross, M. 2014 “Un Camboi de foco: de mediar sl problema a mediar sl momento. Uso de la intuición como guía”,  Revista de Mediación, vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 36-46


Rebooting Mediation by Detaching from the Illusions of Neutrality, Just Outcomes and Balanced Power (February 12, 2015).

greg-rooney-rebooting-mediation-by-detaching-from-the-illusions-of-neutralityAvailable at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2564035 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.2564035

Russian Translation of "Rebooting Mediation by Detaching from the Illusions of Neutrality, Just Outcomes and Balanced Power. Perezagruzka mediatsii // Mediatsa i Pravo

Published in Mediation and Law Intermediation and Conciliation Moscow

Russian citation: Greg Rooney. 2016 Perezagruzka mediatsia – Mediastsia I Pravo in Mediation and Law Intermediation and Conciliation, Moscow, 1 (39) 2016 pp 50-69


Project Alliancing. The Process Architecture of a Relationship Based Project Delivery System for Complex Infrustructure Projects

project-alliancing-2013-the-process-architecture-of-a-relationship-based-project-delivery-system-for-complex-infrastructure-projectsAvailable at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1809267

Presented at the 1st Asian Mediation Association Conference in Singapore (2009) – Awarded Best Original Paper.

Mediating Between Victims of Sexual Abuse and Religious Institutions

Australian Dispute Resolution Journal, Vol. 18, Number 1, February 2007 (co-authored with Margaret Ross)

First presented at the 7th Australian National Mediation Conference Darwin on 1 July 2004


Mediation and its Place within the Parliamentary System

ADR Bulletin, Vol. 5, Number 1, May 2002